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In recent years, many physicians from almost all specialties have begun to treat veins.  You do not need to have any special training in order to advertise that you are a vein specialist.  However, a doctor devoting his/her practice to Phlebology will be more experienced and skillful.  Board Certification in Vascular Surgery offers the patient a physician who is Fellowship-trained (usually two years after surgery residency) in both the surgical and nonsurgical treatment of venous disease and the management of many associated challenges that can present.


No single treatment can be applied to every patient.  Your consultation and ultrasound evaluation will allow your provider to supply you with a personalized plan of treatment.


Very fine needles are used to inject small quantities of a solution that rarely causes soreness.  We do not use the painful saline solution.


Although it depends largely on the skill of the doctor performing treatment, experts published success rates are 80% for sclerotherapy and 95% for endovenous ablation with prompt improvement of symptoms.  It is unreasonable to expect 100% improvement.


Actually, we eliminate most of the veins that are not working properly.  This allows the healthy functioning veins to work more efficiently, relieves your symptoms, and also slows the progression of further varicose veins.

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My legs feel better than I can ever remember them feeling. I don't have the heavy feeling and all the swelling I used to have. I feel like I am walking on air! Thank you for all that you have done. My life is so much better!”
Carrie S.
Dr. Shuler and Staff, you are a blessing. Thanks to you I can testify that as of today I still have my leg. You never gave up on me and for that I am forever thankful... God Bless!”
Joe B.
When my son was on the verge of losing not only his leg but his life, you were there for us, you pulled him through. There are no words, just, God bless you Dr. Shuler.”
Jeannette B.
The first day I ran, I couldn't believe my energy level and how much less pain I felt.”
Mavis N.
I recommend Dr. Shuler and his whole team for all they have done to help my husband’s injury. My husband had already been to a vascular surgeon and was told that there was nothing that could be done, that he would have to just learn to live with it. Thanks to Dr. Shuler he's almost back to his old self. I'm so glad we met you.”
Evelyn E.
If I knew that my legs were going to feel this great I would have had them treated years ago.”
William A.
I’m so pleased with the doctors and the services that I have received from Vascular Associates. I would rate them #1 for their treatment and their caring. Dr. Shuler is a very special man and really cares about each of his patients personally. Thank you so much for everything you do!”
Paulette M.
After having my procedure on my left leg, I felt so much better! I mowed my yard and my neighbor's yard in half the time as normal.”
Kinsey G.
The first night after my procedure was the best night of sleep I have had in years.”
Emma M.

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